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Medical waste

Medical and clinical waste utilization is a serious issue nowadays.

Back in 1979 World Health Organization (WHO) classified medical waste as hazardous and outlined a necessity to create special service organizations, specializing in utilization of such waste.


45 types of hazardous waste were outlined at the Basel convention in 1992. Clinicalwasteisatthetopofthelist.

Clinical waste is known to be polluting the environment and endangering health and wellbeing of population. 

Clinical waste requires utilization; it is very different from other types of waste and needs to be treated with special attention.

Clinical waste often contain infectious agents, toxic and radioactive elements and therefore represent great danger for humans. If domestic waste contains 0,1-1 billion microorganisms per 1 gram, clinical waste contains up to 200-300 billion of those per same weight.


Ecoprotect” LLC specializes in liquidation and utilization of clinical waste, other medical waste and contaminated food products of animal origin. The above-mentioned activities address an important global challenge of elimination of a real epidemic and ecologic threat to humans and environment.


Clinical and medical waste include the following types of waste

- Waste, originated in health care facilities (hospitals, clinics, dental clinics, first aid stations, blood transfusion stations,  long-term care medical facilities and sanatoriums)

- Waste, originated in the forensic medical examination procedures

- Laboratory waste, specifically anatomical,pathological, biochemical, microbiological, physiological waste

- Pharmacies and pharmaceutical industries waste

- Veterinarian clinical waste 

- Animal breeding waste, including waste originated in animal and poultry farms as well as all types of meat processing plants


The utilization process fully complies with the corresponding international industry norms and standards. 


The above-mentioned waste undergoes pyrolysis process in special furnaces under temperature as high as 1300 °C. 

Pyrolysis process results in medical waste transforming into a passive and harmless residuum with volume several hundred times smaller than that of theinitial waste, and harmless gaseous products - carbon monoxide and hydrogen.

Dioxin emission is completely eliminated.

 All the related arrangements (loading, transportation, etc.) are handled by “Ecoprotect” LLC.

After completion of the waste utilization process “Ecoprotect” LLC prepares and presents a full package of relevant documentation required for reporting to relevant government bodies and authorities, based on the counter-signed contract. 



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